Your Yoga Experience

by Cristina Gil

Yoga Padmasana

Yoga serendipity,
an experience that changed my life.

Yoga Position Baddha Konasana

For life's sake I met yoga on a trip to Chile. Since then I have not stopped practicing, yoga has become my life. My passion to travel and to know other cultures led me to complete my studies in Latin America.
After returning to Europe, I went to India to train as an instructor in the sacred city of Risikesh, the birthplace of yoga, an incredible place by the Ganges River where mysticism and culture unite. It is a journey that I cannot describe in words because India is everything: fragrance, taste, warm, sensations, people, glance, feelings, ... learning at every step. Those experiences are what I try to convey to each and every one of my students in each class.

Yoga is for me a philosophy of life that helps to be happier, to feel good, to overcome fears and frustrations, to become a better person.

Private classes

Due to the current situation, the studio where I host my yoga classes is closed. I am hosting private classes on Zoom and Skype where I am able to provide students with my full attention and dedication. Use the calendar booking form below to check my availibility for one-to-one classes.

What others have to say

I've been having yoga lessons with Cristina for the past few months and I definitely recommend her. Cristina is someone who not only knows her stuff, but we can see that she likes teaching yoga very much and she's keen on trying new things, I never get tired or bored of her lessons. The lessons can be a bit challenging, which is a good thing. as it means that one will improve the Yoga and fitness level over time. Even if challenging, theses lessons always bring a good feeling as Cristina's happiness and good mood is contagious.

Ulisses Pinto
Cristina is one of the nicest people I have ever met and her yoga classes are fanstastic. She can adapt the class to suit the needs of the student and her guidance is easy to follow. Her classes are fun and playful, but also leave you feeling relaxed, calm and peaceful. Cristina's enthusiasm for her practice is contageous and you just know she loves to teach. I would recommend her classes to anyone and everyone as her teaching comes from a place of love and respect. Namaste.

Jamie Coenen
She's very friendly and lovely so she makes you feel confident and relaxed while practicing the exercises.
She is focused on your improvement by controlling your position and slightly forcing you to get farther than you think you can. After the classes, you can enjoy the feeling that your body is more relaxed, and at the same time, well trained. I strongly recommend her one-to-one classes.

Noemi Martin
Cristina is a friendly, enthusiastic instructor with a real passion for yoga. She has the right blend of patience and also knowing when to push you harder to improve.
The sessions are a real workou but I can feel the improvements in flexibility and stamina.
I have been with her for over 3 months now. Highly recommended.

N Persad

Get in Touch

If you have any questions regarding the classes I give or want any advice as to what type of yoga classes would be great for you, contact me on Instagram or use the email below.